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Pleasant Valley Hawks Emphasizes Safety with Heads Up Training

Joe Cosgrove, Pentec Health

The Pleasant Valley Hawks offers a supportive environment in which youth can learn and master the critical skills related to future success in football and cheerleading. Emphasizing the importance of physical safety, all Hawks coaches have received certification in concussion through Heads Up, a course offered by the Centers for Disease Control to increase safety standards in youth sports.

To keep players safe both on and off the field, coaches must have a basic understanding of what causes a concussion and how to treat it. A free, online program for certification, Heads Up makes education as accessible as possible to youth coaches. The training focuses on the signs and symptoms of concussion, the potential consequences of the injury, and the typical steps a player must take before returning to the field.
The focus of Heads Up remains prevention. By participating in the program, coaches learn how to create an environment that places player safety at the center of the game. Coaches must regularly repeat the training to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date.

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